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Is HERBERALL® similar to the ADD/ADHD Prescription Drug?

ADD/ADHD Prescription drugs release a rush of dopamine in the brain, giving many people a sense of euphoria.
They help the consumer feel alert, awake, and focused, but they also make it hard to sleep — making it more tempting to take another pill when you're exhausted the next day. 
People can develop a tolerance to these drugs, requiring more and more over time to achieve the same effect. Stimulants are considered addictive because it can be easy to become dependent on them. HERBERALL® provides an effect of alertness and focus without the addictive consequences but it is not a substitution for prescription medications.

How do I take HERBERALL®?

We recommend taking 2 capsules by mouth in the morning, preferably with a light meal or snack. Depending on the effect wanted, you can take a third capsules throughout the day to revive your energy and extend the effects of  HERBERALL®. To benefit from the full potential of the product, we recommend not taking any other supplements with it. Also, if you are used to taking nootropics or drinking coffee on a daily basis, we suggest doing a cleanse prior taking HERBERALL®. It will allow the nootropic to work at its best.

How does HERBERALL® work?

HERBERALL® contains four natural sources of caffeine and key ingredients. D-Ribose and L-Theanine to help support a calm but alert mental state, providing a smooth, sustained energy that you can actually feel working. The unique formula is a blend of herbs, essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can help to balance your moods, patience and help you manage stress levels. HERBERALL® contains Bacopa Monnieri and Guarana Seed Extract to boost your cognitive functions and help you focus and execute tasks faster. 

What active ingredients are in HERBERALL®?

HERBERALL® includes Vitamins A, B6, B12 and D. HERBERALL® unique proprietary blend of herbs includes several all-natural sources of caffeine including green tea leaf extract, Guarana leaf extract, yerba mate and caffeine anhydrous. Also added to this unique blend is D-Ribose - the only D-Ribose with evidence to provide sustained energy for up to 8 hours. L-Theanine, a unique ingredient that has been proven to increase focus and concentration, elevate mood and decrease stress and anxiety levels, is a functional ingredient that has been added to HERBERALL®, which can positively impact one’s ability to stay sharp and make better decisions.

How much caffeine is in HERBERALL®?

HERBERALL® contains a very safe amount of caffeine in each serving, but enough to give consumer that initial lift. The sustained energy provided by consuming HERBERALL®, comes from other ingredients, including D-Ribose and Vitamin B12. There is 261mg of total caffeine from all sources in each 2 capsules dosage; sources of the natural caffeine include green tea leaf extract, Guarana seed extract and yerba mate.

HERBERALL® is the ONLY product that clearly states the total amount of caffeine from ALL SOURCES on our packaging. We feel that consumers deserve to know how much caffeine is in the products they consume, regardless of whether the caffeine is added or part of other ingredients.

Where is HERBERALL® made?

HERBERALL® is manufactured in the USA in a Georgia facility that meets FDA guidelines and was awarded the NSF seal for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We are proud to manufacture HERBERALL® in the U.S.A.

Can I take HERBERALL® with my current medication?

HERBERALL® is a 100% natural formula and safe to take with many medications, though we do not recommend taking it with prescription stimulants. However, we do urge you to check with a doctor or pharmacist for any possible interactions if you are currently on any medications.

Do I need a prescription to purchase HERBERALL®?

No. HERBERALL® is a natural dietary supplement that is available for purchase online without the need of a prescription. It is an "over the counter" nootropic.

Are there any side effects to HERBERALL®?

HERBERALL® is a natural dietary supplement that has similar attributes as the famous ADD/ADHD prescription drug without the negative side effects. It offers a long lasting energy and promotes cognitive functions and memory without jitters or crashes. There are no known negative side effects to this day except that HERBERALL® may reduce your appetite due to the green tea leaf extract in our formula. This effect depends on people and HERBERALL® is not a weight loss or appetite suppressant pill.

Does HERBERALL® work for everyone?

We would love to say yes, but the answer is no. There is actually no such thing as a supplement that works for every one. We are all different. We have different bodies, metabolisms, backgrounds, lifestyles... Everything in your life affects how you will react to a product. No one has the perfect "one size fits all" but we try our very best to suit your needs and expectations when it comes to delivering focus and energy.

How fast will my order arrive?

Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days. USPS takes about 4-5 business days to deliver within the U.S. when you checkout.